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Collectives and live performances


The current ultimate music project we run slowly with "Nastya from AWOTT", We mostly do live performances, the existing recordings are fragmentary and hardly relevant.
Thoughtful listening is appreciated. No haste.

Tsibulya · Tsibulya zaputalas
Tsibulya · Superpokrov

Two vibrant improvisation projects:

Malemale female

(with Dasha Strelkova and Anton Litvinov)

атомные мартышки

(featuring Anton Litvinov and Raphael Nazarov)

*not to mention some sporadic collaborations.

malemale female: vidio

malemale female: David Bowie lunar war cemetery

malemale female live performance at New Wierd Russia festival
with Lena Klabukova. Moscow 2017

Атомные Мартышки

malemale female: the Gorbachev offset; studio record

malemale female: Paracelsus

Derric Morgan · Paracelsus

malemale female: syrup; with Egor Fedorychev

Derric Morgan · еерок

Tokyo by Ужи-Фантомасы (featuring Egor Fedorychev)

Derric Morgan · Токио by Ужи-фантомасы

malemale female: 2b. Classic

Derric Morgan · 2b