There are two mostly deceased improvisation projects:
"malemale female" (with Dasha Strelkova and Anton Litvinov)
and "атомные мартышки" (with Anton Litvinov and Raphael Nazarov).
The current project is "Цибуля"/"Zwiebel" (with "Nastya from AWOTT"),
not to mention some sporadic collaborations.
We mostly do live performances, only some things are recorded or documented.
Thoughtful listening is appreciated. No haste.

Tsibulya · Tsibulya zaputalas
Tsibulya · Superpokrov

Цибуля live performance (part 5/6). Moscow 2020
in Radio On BERLIN #1 release

malemale female: vidio. (Video by Derric Morgan)

malemale female: David Bowie lunar war cemetery.
The sad masterpiece. Video by Derric Morgan (HL: Lost Coast tediously hacked)

malemale female live performance at New Wierd Russia festival
with Lena Klabukova. Moscow 2017

Атомные Мартышки

malemale female: the Gorbachev offset; studio record

malemale female: Paracelsus

Derric Morgan · Paracelsus

malemale female: syrup; with Egor Fedorychev

Derric Morgan · еерок

Tokyo by Ужи-Фантомасы

Derric Morgan · Токио by Ужи-фантомасы

malemale female: 2b. Classic

Derric Morgan · 2b